We Strive For Financial Transparency

At UnScene Media Group we do everything we can to ensure that your money is used wisely, and as effectively as possible. We take as many cost cutting steps as we can when we travel, film, evangelize and train.

We take as many steps as possible to keep costs low, and to stretch what is so graciously given by our donors. Some example are below.

We try to avoid hotels when we travel unless it is absolutely necessary, or is paid for by the sponsoring agency we are working with. But we try to keep that type of expense out of our bids when making a contract with another organization to ensure the funds garnered are put towards the work itself, and our overall operating expenses.

We drive instead of fly to keep travel costs down. There are few exceptions, like speaking engagements for one of our evangelism team members that are very long distance.

When we travel for filming or evangelistic engagements we find academies and churches to invest in along the way. This usually affords us lodging, and it also affords us opportunities to recruit for our training programs.

We partner with other ministries to ensure we aren't duplicating our work or manpower.

When practical we will bring our travel trailer for some of our engagements to house our team, cook our own meals much more affordably, and do our normal office work in it as well.

We have been granted access to a food bank that has allowed us to get larger quantities of healthy food for a very low cost, lowering our food budget. And when we buy groceries locally we do everything we can to eat cost effectively.

Our partnership with 3ABN affords us access to facilities and equipment that would otherwise be very costly to procure.